Best Dentist in San Francisco for Dental Implants, Crowns and Bridges, Root Canals and TMJ

Dr. Lewis Specker
Located in San Francisco’s Financial District, dentist Dr. Lewis Specker is an expert in complex dental treatments, including dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, TMJ treatment, snoring, gum surgery, and more.  Because Dr. Specker does nearly all the work himself, including oral surgery, his patients almost never needs to be referred out to specialists, which shortens the treatment period, uses less time, and keeps the responsibility for the treatment in only one office.  Even on the rare occasions when a specialist is required, such as a periodontist, the specialist comes to Dr. Specker’s office to perform the treatment.  This means that Dr. Specker’s office handles all the billing as well as taking the responsibility for the treatment. Most patients who are having complex procedures performed, such as gum surgery and dental implants, really appreciate the quality this approach provides.

Green Dentist

Dr. Specker also has implemented environmentally responsible practices.  For example, all x-rays are digital, reducing the exposure to the patient, and providing immediate results. The office provides for mercury separation, and nearly all of Dr. Specker’s current records are digitally stored, saving ink, paper, and time. Dr. Specker also pioneered the use of intra-oral photography, and he stores digital images in his electronic files.

Comprehensive Dental Expertise

Dr. Lewis Specker is in demand as a guest lecturer teaching other dentists his scientific approach to solving challenging dental problems, especially with respect to dental implants.  He is also a noted dental researcher in the areas of intraoral digital photography, dental implants, and oral surgery.

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