Dental Digital X-Rays Have Five Big Benefits

Our office was a very early adopter of dental digital x-ray technology, and over the years, we have seen enormous benefits from our digital x-ray program. Here are five big benefits:

Reduced Radiation of Digital X-Rays

With digital x-rays, our patients receive 90% less radiation than using the old conventional film. We think this could convey a substantial health benefit to our patients over the years.

Superb Quality of Digital X-Rays

We worked for years as a beta site with one of the most prominent manufacturers of digital x-ray technology, and have realized that the quality of the images we are getting is superb. And not only is the quality of the original image excellent, but we can enhance the image when we need to, for example, by increasing the contrast. You just can’t do this with conventional x-ray images.

Digital X-Rays are Fast

It only takes 8 seconds to see the digital x-ray image, compared to 8 minutes or more with conventional x-rays. This saves us time in the office, and more importantly, it saves our patients’ time.

Digital X-Rays are Environmentally Friendly

With the use of digital x-rays, we have prevented the use of hundreds of gallons of toxic chemicals over the years, doing a little bit to help the environment.

Digital X-Rays are Easy to Store and Send

Conventional x-rays take up a lot of room to store them in conventional files, and they degrade over time. However, digital x-rays take virtually no space to store, they are instantly accessible, and they can be emailed immediately to other dental service providers.

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